DiaLux Lighting Simulation


Planning and analyzing of street lights can be done by using lighting design software, which allows lighting simulations. It uses rendering, the process of generating an image from a model, by means of computer programs resulting in different tools for measuring the simulated light levels.

All TellCo Europe street lights are available with IES files needed to load into these lighting design software. By loading the photometry via the IES files, the software produces the illuminance and luminance for each street light along the wanted road or area. The output is a typical diagram indicating these by means of colours or numbers.

The typical output shows the proposed street light model with height, distance between the street lights and road dimensions resulting in the max. and min. Lux along the road.

Lighting Design

A typical DiaLux simulation for a double row street with median and walkways at both sides, total width 15 meter. The TellCo Europe Sagl solar street light has two arms each equipped with a Double Butterfly lamp head 40W and pole is 8 meter high. The left picture shows the IES diagram of the Double Butterfly lamp head and the right picture the simulation results, the expected Lux values are shown in colours.

More detailed Lux information for this example:
- Average Lux is 13
- Min Lux 7.5
- Max Lux 18

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